Beatrice Catchings

Traveling Trainer

Beatrice Catchings

Traveling Trainer

BeFit Movement

Personal Training and Nutrition


I can help you lose the extra weight, gain strength, get in better shape, and improve your concentration and mental performance.

Contact me for a free consultation and learn exactly how I will give you the personalised program and ongoing coaching you need.


So are you ready to get in the shape of your life, physically and mentally?

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Beatrice Catchings

I’m a Motivational Mover! Trainer and Health Coach! My journey started 2013 and was hooked every since! Befit Traveling Trainer is a fitness company I started in  Milwaukee now  in Atlanta! We bring fitness to you, to your home, company, city or special event.

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One On One Trainings. Group Training. Nutrition Plans. Online Challenges. Contest Prep. Posing Coach





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